Why Our Products Matter In The Automotive Industry 


BRILA Premium Body Glass Coating – triumphantly sustains a long standing history in automotive car care. BRILA’s world renowned coating system has accomplished a staggering 1600 dealerships and 1500 detailers. (2016). We have applied our products on over 503,000 vehicles – all thanks to our ever expanding authorised distributor and application centres.  We have spread across 4 continents in countries such as Japan, Europe, USA, Australia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and much more. Our products have been affiliated with some of the most expensive exotic car brands in the world, not to mention our association with numerous Asian car manufacturer dealerships in South East Asia. 



The Latest Technology From Japan



Our Mission 


As our comprehensive coating systems continue to penetrate into new markets, we are in pursuit to satisfy our customers and clientele with our unstoppable vision for our product. Our objective is to leave an impression and to make a difference in the industry. Thus our philosophy is to maintain a credible product, high quality application process and product range that is proven to be the most premium service available. We build our value by maintaining guaranteed customer satisfaction, loyal relationships – between BRILA and our clients. Above all we are dedicated to contend to all aspects of service, professionalism and business conduct with ease.







I wanted to offer a premium coating to my
customers. I wanted something that represents
my brand. BRILA is a truly remarkable product.

Matthew Zapantis
General Manager – Western Pacific Auto Body

Awesome product.
Always recommending to customers, makes cleaning a breeze
whilst still maintaining a deep factory finish shine! Water
literally drops off the body and glass… no more caked on brake
dust either! Can not recommend highly enough.

Tom Brown


Technician expertise 

In becoming a BRILA technician or certified applicator, we have placed stringent training methods to ensure the highest quality technique and practises for each application service. BRILA representatives assess industry experience and workshop environments  of each detailer before any training is commenced. We assess the detailer for their quality, practise and knowledge of the benefits of paint protection, polishing and buffing techniques. Training can be rigorous and repetitive for the detailer to fully understand and get the most out of each generation of the application process and surface deterioration. Detailers are closely inspected by a representative throughout and after training.


Contact your local authorised BRILA store to become an authorised BRILA applicator (contact us) section    

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