Does BRILA paint protection harden and crystallize ?

All hardening and crystallized coats on the market derive from an organic resin coating. These coating compounds tend to deteriorate in the same way as headlights covers. BRILA’s chemical compound utilizes a material called polysilazane, which promotes super high hardness of up to 9H+ and a ultra-thin clear coat, less than 1‎μm. It is a coating system that can form a completely inorganic silica glass film, thus tests prove that BRILA paint protection systems inorganic silica glass coat does not crystallize.

Will the glass film break like a glass window ?

Our coating system has an extremely high adhesive strength, thus preventing such defects like cracks or tear-offs. The coating film adheres straight to the coated surface, as long as the coated surface is not polished, the glass film will not peel off with anything other than the specialized removal agent. With an increased hardness to the surface, topped with an astonishing hydrophobic effect, that keeps your car cleaner for longer, BRILA is undeniably driven by results – our products deliver a superior shine to your customers newly coated surface.

If BRILA Premium Body Coating is applied, will it stop the car from being scratched ?

It is possible for there to be a reduction in scratches on the body. However, it is not possible to completely prevent scratches; currently there is no paint protection system on the market that can stop your vehicle from scratches.

Can I use car shampoo or automatic car washing machines ?

The coating does not peel off with detergents or at a car washing machine. Wash the car regularly by using neutral shampoo that doesn’t contain wax. Avoid the use of strong alkaline or abrasive compounds.

Can some dirt remain after washing ?

If stubborn dirt such as pitch or tar is not removed by washing with water alone, wash the surface with a neutral shampoo, it will remove the dirt and bring back the hydrophobic properties

What kind of wheels cannot be coated ?

If the wheels are bad condition, the self cleaning effect will not be obvious.

Can I apply Tire Wax or Tire Shine ?

This can be done, but it may disrupt the “easy of wash effect” temporary, this effect will resume after you have washed the surface with a neutral shampoo.

What is the different between silicon glass coating & BRILA Window Coating ?

Silicon coatings have only water repellency, BRILA paint protection coatings have both of water & oil repellency. Hence, BRILA Window Coating solutions can avoid glare coming from pitch and tar.

What is the benefit of the interior coating for kids and adults ?

The rapid growth of allergy-causing mold, fungi, and bacteria is suppressed and provides a safe and healthy environment.

Would using a car freshener or deodoriser cause any problems ?

It will not cause any problems, in addition to regular deodorizers which deodorize by the means of the inclusion effect, BRILA Interior Coating dissolves and removes bacterial-causing odor, causing it to work effectively with each other.

How should the interior be cleaned after the interior coating is applied ?

It can be cleaned as usual. BRILA Interior Coating is not removed by the use of upholstery cleaners or washing apparatuses.