Marine Body Coating

Marine Body Coating is an advanced coating system capable of protecting the vessel from harsh conditions. With the vessel being submerged in sea water for long periods, the hull can be damaged from UV Rays that cause discoloration. This coating helps significantly to protect your investment from the elements above the waterline. The BRILA Marine Coating consists of the powerful anti-fouling component known to significantly slow the growth of micro-organisms on painted surfaces. BRILA Marine Coating supersedes ceramic, nano and enamel products – allowing the coating system to cure as it is being applied.  Once applied, the watercraft will be left with an irresistible shine. The superhydrophobic effect will make the surface easy to maintain for a longer period of time.

Marine Window Coating

Our Marine Window Coating System has a long-standing durability creating a fluorine layer that ensures repellency against sea water and oils. This system maintains a clear field of vision in torrential rain and prevents the adhesion of dirt from environmental contaminants including chemical attacks. Our window product for the marine industry has passed rigorous testing by using wiping rubber and can withstand against over 600,000 times of wiping lasting up to 1 year. BRILA Window Coating makes it easier to clean off salt water spots that can cause potential damage to the windows of your vessel; also helping to create an unobstructed panoramic view of your surroundings.