Marine Body coating

Marine Body Coating is an advanced coating system capable of protecting the vessel from harsh conditions. With the vessel being submerged in sea water for long periods, the hull can be damaged from barnacles and other parasitic organisms. The barnacles can cause irrefutable lag and performance issues, costing more fuel to operate the watercraft.

The BRILA Marine Coating consists of the powerful anti-fouling component known to significantly slow the growth of micro-organisms on the hull. The Marine coating system also assists in preventing the risk of transferring non-indigenous marine species from one marine environment to another.
BRILA Marine Coating supersedes ceramic, nano and enamel products – allowing the coating system to cure as it is being applied. There is no need for infrared lamps to cure the protection system, thus the watercraft can be used instantly. Once applied, the watercraft will be left with an irresistible shine. The super hydrophobic effect will make the surface easy to maintain for a longer period of time.

Marine Window Coating

BRILA Marine Window Coating creates a fluorine layer, that’s great for repelling salt water and oil. In rough weather, the system maintains a clear field of vision and prevents the adhesion of dirt. The BRILA Marine Window coating has passed rigorous tests by using a wiping rubber apparatus that can endure 400,000 wipes.