Why BRILA is considered to be one of the best body coatings today


Using a 4th generation coating system application


BRILA has tested our products thoroughly and have found the best method of practice for the application. Starting from our first generation we have continually researched and theorized the best paint protection chemical system, which has lead us to a 4th Generation Inorganic glass coating we have utilized today.   

The stage in which BRILA has evolved 

1st Generation;      Wax and Grooming

2nd Generation;    Organic Coating

3rd Generation;     Organic Glass Coating

4th Generation;     Inorganic Silica Glass Coating 



An overall car spa protection system



Our product line comprises of 4 major composites;- Premium glass coating for Body, Wheel, Window and Interior, side mirror and plastic coatings coming soon.

overal car spac b+w+w+i

BRILA Premium Body Coating offers a full body protection for all facets of cars and watercraft, watch BRILA Marine Protection. BRILA has also shifted into applying our 4th generation coating system into the home and office, watch BRILA Residential Protection.



Japanese Industrial Standard

BRILA Premium Coating systems uses 100% inorganic matter, ensures a 5 year manufactures warranty and passed JIS -D0205-1987, unlike any other company on the market. (Japanese Industrial Standard) a standard in which BRILA paint protection has been tried and tested  





Immediate effects of BRILA paint protection

  • Strong Repellency: Water becomes droplets
  • Glossiness: It makes a car showroom looking
  • 5 years worth of UV rays
  • Minimizing water usage and easy to clean



BRILA Body Glass Coating providing the owners paint work with a new life,  and an extremely high gloss finish combined with abrasion resisting properties.

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A coating system that protects your car and paint from harsh conditions;

  • 5 years worth of UV rays
  • Acidic bird droppings
  • Bat droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Bug splatters and much more



What is inorganic glass in our premium body coating?


Inorganic glass is the formation of silica glass which is in it’s pure form and does not contain such chemicals as carbon or methyl. This system protects your car paint from harmful UV rays, acid rain and harmful road debris, you can rely on our inorganic glass coating which will never be degraded by those elements. Unlike other paint protection on the market, BRILA Premium Body Coating does not contain any organic materials which degrade over time from exposure to the above elements. BRILA Premium Body Coating has a double layer hybrid structure comprising of a water-repellent coat and a silica glass coat. The effect of the silica’s luster specifically highlights the form and silhouette of the car.

How BRILA uses inorganic matter  to our advantage

Inorganic glass is a liquid that is hard, transparent, amorphous and of infinite viscosity. The inorganic compound takes on high polish, transmits and reflects light. This material is the formation of silica glass which is in it’s purest form. Our coating system again does not contain chemicals such as carbon or methyl which is used in other products on the market today. This chemical infusion is used in BRILA’s solvent solution system – BRILA’s coating system design, has been through rigorous tests to ensure the highest quality solvent solution on the market.


Extensive tests to ensure a strong durable coat like no other


In a test we conducted, we exposed 4 types of coatings including BRILA Premium Body Coating and an untreated panel, then add the process of being washed and dried for up to 30 days via the indicated method. This photo represents enforced exposure to  5 years worth of UV rays and the use of carbon powder for erosion visibility, with a test environment of 100mW/cm3 (300-400nm), 83° Celsius and approximately 70% humidity. 






BRILA Premium Body Coating still exhibits superb grime resistant efficiency, and retains the whiteness of the panel. On the other hand, paint protection by the other companies have degraded under U.V rays, there is almost no difference to the areas that were not treated with a coating system.



Extreme durability – A signature solution of BRILA 



BRILA’s double layer structure offers full protection that promotes rapid hardening of the coat – 10 times faster then that of existing products, in comparison to 30 days for existing products on the market. The entire BRILA Body Coating chemical composition is made up of a two-layer – (hybrid) water repellent coating structure and our signature silica glass coating. Our advanced pollutant resistant coating prevents adhesion to road debris, grime, tar and 5 years worth of U.V rays. The new coating  system will promote a scratch resistant surface and a “self-cleaning effect” or sorts. BRILA Premium Body Glass Coating avowals a uniquely formulated and pure inorganic silica paint protection, that boasts an extremely high affinity of the body surface.



Durability of Water Repellent 

Durability of Water Repellnet(Eng)1-page-001

In this example, the water repellent properties are evident after 12 washes vs other companies in the same test. In the example a steady hydrophobic water beading effect from both companies is seen, later – as the example shows, the other companies water angle lessens after washing the subject 12 times. BRILA paint protection still retains at a higher droplet angle.  


*The understanding of oil repellency will be explained in BRILA Window Coating



How is BRILA’s solidity measured?


BRILA Premium Body Glass’s solidity is measured via a nano-indentation method. This method is measured through rigorous tests that we have conducted, which are validated by a pencil solidity result – extrolled by other manufactures whom delve largely by base material solidity.


Solidity Test Results Outcome


The ease in which grime attaches is dependent on the solidity and the smoothness of the surface. BRILA Body Glass Coating possesses a solidity more than 10 times that of organic paint protection. It prevents adhesion of grime with a firm yet smooth surface.

 *Assessment via nano-indentation method, which can accurately measure thin film solidity.*There is No need to use infrared lamps to cure our products




Does BRILA paint protection harden and crystallize?

All hardening and crystallized coats on the market derive from an organic resin coating. These coating compounds tend to deteriorate in the same way as headlights covers. BRILA’s chemical compound utilizes a material called polysilazane, which promotes super high hardness of up to 9H+ and a ultra-thin clear coat, less then 1‎μm. It is a coating system that can form a completely inorganic silica glass film, thus tests prove that BRILA paint protection systems inorganic silica glass coat does not crystallize.

Will the glass film break like a glass window? 
Our coating system has an extremely high adhesive strength, thus preventing such defects like cracks or tear-offs. The coating film adheres straight to the coated surface, as long as the coated surface is not polished, the glass film will not peel off with anything other than the specialized removal agent.
With an increased hardness to the surface, topped with an astonishing hydrophobic effect, that keeps your car cleaner for longer, BRILA is undeniably driven by results – our products deliver a superior shine to your customers newly coated surface.

If BRILA Premium Body Coating is applied, will it stop the car from being scratched?

It is possible for there to be a reduction in scratches on the body. However, it is not possible to completely prevent scratches, currently there is no paint protection system on the market that can stop your vehicle from scratches. 

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