The characteristic of the “glass coating” is “easy to wash off”. 
  The glass coating keeps a car clean and also reduces the time for car washing. 
  That’s the reason people like it. With keeping the quality with best efforts,
  ”REDLINE” is developed for those who ask for “deep luster”,
  ”smooth hand-feeling” and “exhilarating water repellency” .

a secret of high performance -a new style of polysilazane coating

        “REDLINE makes a hard and thick coating surface by gathering water repellency group around
  strong glass-based skeletons, which is the characteristic of polysilazane. The thickness of coating
  achieves “deep luster” and “smooth hand-feeling” at high level of quality.


  A thick coating surfase prevents small dirt from entering. High performance of oil repellency
  keeps pitch, tar and more away.The coating reduces the time for car wash and always keep cars clean.
  Coating surface of REDLINE has glass-based water repellency group. The unique structure
  keeps the water repellency for a long time.



       1. Deep luster -add moist glossiness!!

            The glosiness and deep luster of the body glass coating make cars looks even better.
   You can enjoy not only driving, but also “watching”.

       8, RedLinde Body1509



      2. Smooth hand-feeling  – silk-like smooth body!!

   Not only “aesthetic” of cars but also the “hand-feeling” of their bodies are important points.
   The smoothness of REDLINE ,which enables fingers to slip on the bodies, gives you a joy to
   touch  cars.




       3. “Exhilarating water repellency” + “Easy to wash off” – Keep aethetic and easy maintence

            It is easy to wipe off water drops falling down from bodies.The thick glass surface keeps dirt away.
   REDLINE, which has both high performance of water repellency and easy-to-wash, is an useful body
   coating to keep cars shiny.