This new product mainteins quality as same as original BRILA premium window coating,
  and can provide long and safe environment to many people by strong water beading effect.

  BRILA redline window coating is high reactive fluorine coating which comes from new approach.
  It creates strong chemical bonding and achieves superb durability comparing other fluorine
  and silicone coatings in the market.



       1. Multidimentional chemical bonding, durations

            Fluorine coating in the market only bonds to surface of the glass and due to this simple
   chemical bonding, it is easily deteriorate by friction caused by wiper and car washing.
   Therefore layer can not provide long duratbility for windows.

   On the other hand, high reactive fluorine creates even and grid layer on glass itself
   and also reacts OH group among glass surface to give multidimentional bond.
   Because so it can provide strong durability against friction casued from wiper rubber
   or car wash and so on.




      2. Water and grease repellency by fluorine layer. Clear view from inside

   Fluorine secure safer view by from inside of the car in various situation.

   Contact angle(against water 110°) this is the effect of the coating and by this effect,
   dirt comes from vehicle in front or heavy rain will be repelled and it supports the concept
   of drive safely. Also grease reppeling effect prevents pitchs and tars foams into grease film
   and because of it, surface are mainteined to be cleaned and clear view even driving in night time.




       3. Stability

            New nano fluorine technology does not only react to bond with glass quickly but also
   gives effect for long time. BRILA premium window coating mainly focused on the quickest
   reaction and the strongest durability, on the other hand, BRILA redline window coating
   focuses on balance between reaction and duration so that it can archieve great performance
   and cost effeciency.